Friday Flights of Fancy

Image credit: Typoe’s ‘Confetti Death’ via Visual News

♥ This woman has a SERIOUS case of Bridezilla-itis. Is she for real? “if you think by affordable its going to be a $25 forever 21 dress then your going to the wrong wedding”. Amazing.

Wonderful quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The man is a legend.

Dancers among us is very, very cool – love the reaction of the people in the background in some of these shots!

Biggest tattoo spelling fails – how does this actually happen? Did all of these tattoos happen before the days of smart phones? I don’t understand!

What fashion week really looks like. So funny to see this behind the scenes look, and testimony to how amazing some photographers are!

All very light and fun today – some Friday jollies for you 🙂 Does that sounds rude?

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy a bit of extra sleep and time to dream. Loving the extra light daylight savings is bringing us here in Melbourne, very good for the mood and I seem to get more done when the days are longer. Hope to bring you a couple of posts over the weekend, so check back.

L xx


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