Ethical wedding jewellery

I think movies such as Blood Diamond, Die Another Day and Lord of War as well as campaigns by humanitarian organisations such as Amnesty International, have really helped educate people about making informed and ethical purchasing decisions  when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. However it is still a major issue, and I know for sure that when I get married it will be very important to me to know that my ring has not been part of the cause of human rights abuse and environmental destruction. It would seem to weigh very heavily on the finger if I didn’t take that into consideration!

Check this awesome resource if you want to know some facts about the conflict diamond industry.

Luckily for those of us who want to wear ethical engagement/wedding rings, there are many artisans and jewellers who have risen to the challenge and are creating amazing, one of a kind, unique rings, as well as other forms of non-wedding jewellery! Buying vintage is another great way to be ethical about your ring shopping.

I have put together a few of my favourites below to give you an idea of how gorgeous ethical rings are. The art deco one from Keshett is incredible! I was amazed at how affordable some of these rings are as well – there are many options across a wide range of budget brackets.

Photo credits, horizontally from top left: 1 & 3 Ethical Jewellery Australia, 2, 5 & 8 Turtle Love Co, 4 & 9 Brilliant Earth, 6 Zoe Pook, 7 Keshett

There are plenty of ways to purchase ethical jewellery online, and even better, you can get customised jewellery created at some of these retailers too.

Yay for feel good rings!