Friday Flights of Fancy

Psychedelic fantasy by Joe Charley

Oooh lala, its that Friday kind of feeling…

♥ I am having heart palpitations over Audrey Kawasaki’s new paintings. One day I WILL own an original, I will, I will!

♥ In the late 19th and early 20th century some artists depicted what our world would look like in 2000. Check out the amusing results!

♥ Today marks 15 years since Princess Di died. What were you doing on that day? I still remember being at my friends house, and we had tried very unsuccessfully to wax my armpits. (There may have been blood). I was 15, and pretty unfazed by the whole thing, but thinking of Princes William and Harry walking behind her coffin still makes a tear spring to my eye.

♥ Speaking of tears, I ran a film screening last night of Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, which is a must watch, especially for those living in Australia. It is such a topical, powerful and moving film, and I for one am really keen to be part of a movement which demands more from its leaders, who play on racial fear to get votes.

♥ On a lighter note – celebrities reading mean tweets is gold

♥ What about the Charlotte Dawson twitter issue? The internet can be a scary place sometimes! I agree with the sentiment of not saying anything to someone online that you would not say to them in person.

♥ What, no wedding related links? What am I thinking! Harking back to my Great Gatsby wedding post last week, check out this 1920s wedding over on Rock n Roll bride. Unbelievably authentic!

♥ Some crazy kids hooked up an ipod to a squid and the electrical impulses caused colour changes on the squid’s skin. This blows my mind! Sheeeet, two flash backs to being 15 in one post!

I’m about to pour myself a cheeky pinot and enjoy a movie date with my boy. Tomorrow I am doing a visual merchandising short course which will help me to set up beautiful market stores and settings for the online store I hope to have up and running in the next couple of months. Throw in a Mad Men party, a call to my mum and a 21 degree sunny Sunday (hey, this is Melbourne ok, we take what we can get!) and I am a happy camper this weekend.

Have a good one sweethearts. L x


Guest books with a twist

A lovely colleague of mine was chatting to me yesterday about how she wants something different to the standard guest book for her wedding, and how overwhelmed she is with it all. The little light switched on in my brain – ooh I know of some amazing ideas, and so I thought I would get some of my faves together. The best type of project!


There is a great article on polaroid guest books over at Emmaline Bride

A tree or branch with note cards

Wall decor

** this is my favourite as there is a lot of scope for creativity. You could use squares of special fabric (sari or kimono fabric would be amazing and it is easy to find off cuts which would be ideal), or cut out designs in any shape you want – colourful, bold flowers, pretty pastel geometric shapes…


Jenga or puzzle pieces

Same idea as the wall decor above – you could create silhouettes of your bride/groom and you and have guests write on them in pretty metallic pen & hang them on a board or wall. After, you can display them in your home or in a book or album. So elegant!


This is a great idea as you can have it at the back of your wedding album, keeping all of the awesome memories together. You can match the envelopes to your colour scheme, if you have one, otherwise go with your favourite colours.


Ask guests to type out messages on pretty coloured paper and then roll it into a scroll for display in your home. Not for perfectionists!!

Aaaah somebody stop me! There are so many cool ideas. Other options which I couldn’t find photos for are rolled up notes in a bottle (you could even incorporate this into your table centrepieces, so guests can doodle after eating (or if there is a particularly boring speech!). Then they can roll them up with pretty string or seal it with a sticker and pop it in a sweet little jar or bowl.

If you are going on honeymoon straight away, guests could fill in post cards, complete with stamps, and a friend could send them to you, so when you get back your mail box is bulging with love and beautiful memories of your wedding day. You could also have a sentimental piece of clothing signed as well – even your veil if you are planning on taking it off during the reception!

As with anything you are thinking about for your wedding, you have a lot of rein to go creatively crazy and craft to your hearts content, but there are lots of beautiful and more traditional options too.

This Martha Stewart Weddings photo gallery has lots of beautiful options which are easy and practical to pull together.

Don’t forget to think about an attractive area to set up your guest book…but that’s for another post.

Photography credits: polaroids via Emmaline Bride, branch via My DIY Wedding, wall decor via Design Sponge, silhouette via The Nester, Jenga via Oh Lovely Day (photos by Jennifer Roper), puzzle via Etsy, envelopes via Martha Stewart Weddings, typewriter via Martha Stewart Weddings

Romancing Monday

You know how sometimes you have a day where everything just gels? Well, my Monday was one of those days – an amazing start to my week! The sun shone through the blinds this morning, all my trams just seemed to magically arrive as I got to the tram stop and I asked for and was granted a flexible working arrangement by my manager.

This last piece of information was obviously the one which really made my day, as I will now have Mondays (a whole working day of bliss!) to focus on my creative pursuits such as A Cast of Two and my jewellery biz. I feel like this is such an important step for me, and am super happy. It doesn’t start for three months, but when it does it will create a lot more balance and room for creative inspiration for me, as it is hard to get home from my day job and magically switch on the creative part of my brain.

So, with a big smile on my face I give you the Romancing Monday track. James Blake is pretty damn romantic, and in fact my best friend was proposed to at his concert!

I just can’t ignore the Joni Mitchell original either, as she is amazing. James is pretty brave to do a song of hers!

Have a wonderful week, and thank you so much for all the wonderful comments I have had so far – it makes all the hours between this little MacBook screen so very worth it! L x

A Great Gatsby Wedding

I know, I know…Great Gatsby themed weddings are being done to death at the moment. But with the book being one of my all time faves, and the film due to be released on Christmas Day, I really just can’t help myself! I adore art deco styling and think it would be the period I would choose to land in, should a time machine make itself magically available.

The 1920s truly were a remarkable and fascinating period, and the story of Jay, Nick, Daisy and their assorted hangers on is not only captivatingly well written and clever, it is a truly intriguing story with many different layers.

The book aside though, the 1920s produced some stunning fashion and architecture, as well as some unfortunate fascist ideologies. For the sake of beauty and love of weddings, lets focus on the fashion, jewellery and stylings of the time!

Photography credits: Girl in mirror via Le Luxe Clothingclose up of chandelier, via Louisville Wedding Blog,  1920s style hanging dresses via Cotton Candy Sugar Rush

And lets not forget this modern image of 1920s inspired glory – the great Kate Moss herself! Kate wanted her wedding to be “rock n roll Great Gatsby”, with “everything kind of dreamy and soft focus”. In fact, Jamie Hince tracked Kate down a ring that was the exact replica of Zelda Fitzgerald’s (author F. Scott Fitzgerald’s troubled wife).”

Photo credits: Kate getting out of car and champagne saucers via Fashionista, Kate close up, Kate & Jamie via Vogue Australia, Flowing veil

The detailing on that dress is obscenely pretty – ah John Galliano, such beautiful work! Pity you had to go and disgrace yourself so embarrassingly last year! The designer has said that designing Kate Moss’ dress was “creative rehab” after his actual experience in rehab. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really make me like him more after his ‘incident’.  On that – did you see that he has been stripped of his Legion of Honour award? Embarrassing!

Don’t even get me started on the shoes! So perfect with her dress. Apparently Manolo Blahnik had to remake the shoes 5 times for Kate before she was happy. Ahem.

Manolo Blahniks for Kate Moss

Should you want to add a dash of roaring twenties panache to your wedding day, here are some ideas for how you could do so:

  • Have small bottles of contraband style alcohol bottles as favours or on the tables
  • Wear a bedazzled headpiece or hair comb, carry a feather fan or if you are having a wedding in the cooler months, don some cute little gloves. Guys could go for braces,  a fob watch or a jaunty Fedora.
  • Go to your wedding in an old school Ford, Buick or if you really want to push the boat out, a Rolls Royce.

Photo credits: champagne saucers via Modern Luxury, kisses in the car via Tressugar, headband via Art Deco Weddings and braces via Slice of Shaks

I will leave you with some tutorials for 1920s hair and make up inspiration! Now, pass my crimson lippie…


Friday Flights of Fancy

Via Scoutie Girl

♥ Oldies singing Blue Monday, too funny!

♥ Oh how I want to go to New York. I enjoyed this post by This is Glamorous on the big A.

♥ Great ideas for wedding ceremony and photo back drops. I love Painted on Paper.

♥ Cannot WAIT to see the Diana Vreeland doco. Hoping to rope in some girl friends to do a visit to the ACMI here in Melbs.

♥ I SO need to utilise some of these great tips on how to find time to blog. My head is whirling with everything going on in my life!

Searching for a stunning wedding or ‘special occasion’ dress? Collette Dinnigan has launched her online store. Ooh la la!

♥ These guys are both air traffic controllers, so they got married on a plane! Check the ‘in case of love sickness vom bag – haha!

♥ I work in a dry, conservative open plan office, so this incredibly attractive, light filled working space really gets me going.

I am sure there is a feeling of spring in the air here in Melbourne. I woke up to the sun sneaking through my blinds twice this morning, which was such a delicious feeling after what feels like months of dullness. I’m feeling amazing today after some acupuncture and a remedial massage yesterday arvo – such bliss. I’m going to let my body wake up naturally tomorrow, indulge in tea and toast (is there a better thing in life?) and get stuck into some creative endeavours. Then I am going to check out Women of Letters in Thornbury on Sunday arvo over a glass of red, which I am so excited about! I have heard nothing but amazing things about this event, and plan to get a group of ladies together to check out the next one.

Have a happy, contented weekend! L x

In your clutches

I think swapping a bouquet for a beautiful clutch is a great, modern idea, as you get to keep it forever as a reminder of your day. A brilliant option for those allergic to pollen! I also think it would make for great bridesmaids gifts…and a cute little clutch could create the perfect little pop of colour should you want one (see here for more ideas on how to inject colour into your wedding day).

I wonder if it would make you feel a bit awkward walking down the aisle though?

Photography credits:  tabletop arrangement via Ruffled, group of embellished clutches, single beaded clutch, arms full of clutches via Style Me Prettyminty green via Etsyvibrant orange via Etsy

Romancing Monday

Eek my weekend went so quickly! It was such a whirlwind of fun though…languid birthday lunches, new biker boots, chatting over whiskey sours for another birthday celebration (it was the weekend for them!), snug Winter coats and generally basking in the glow that Sir David Attenborough imparted with his SUPERB show on Friday night. What a man.

This lovely little song takes me back about ten years, to when I was living in Christchurch, young and silly. Delightful song, great for wedding day happiness (and general happiness too!).

Treat your week well 🙂 I am hoping to have a few cosy nights in researching for A Cast of Two and making some jewellery, as gosh the days evaporate so quickly and I am not getting nearly as much done as I would like. My next challenge is to purchase photo shop and start working out how I can create some gorgeous collages for you to feast your eyes on. Love!

Bridal sketches brought to life

I thought it would be fun to see what the bridal sketches from my post earlier in the week (see here if you missed it) look like in ‘real life’.

Of course it would have been GREAT if that brain wave had hit me while I was posting the original sketches so you could easily see the contrast, but alas I am not adept enough at this blogging caper to be so sensible! To make up for this rookie error, I have created a slide show which include the original sketches, so you can see them come to life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

{Credits: Slide 2 Anne Barge dress linked from Colin Cowie weddings, Slide 4 Anne Bowen dress linked from Wedding Wire, Slide 6 Douglas Hannant dress linked from Wedding Chicks, Slide 8 Francesca  Miranda dress linked from  Wedding Wire,  Slide 10 Jasmine Bridal dress, Slide 12 Junko Yoshioka dress linked from Wedding Wire, Slide 14 Maggie Sottero dress linked from, Slide 16 Rivini dress linked from Bridal Guide,  Slide 18 Ines Di Santo dress linked from Lovella Bridal}

For sketch credits please see previous post.

Friday Flights of Fancy

Friday, friday, gotta get down on Friday….

I am going to see Sir David Attenborough’s live show tonight and I am so very excited! I grew up watching ‘Our World’ on Sunday nights with the fam and it will be surreal to hear his dulcet tones in real life!

This is such tongue in cheek styling – love it! Mmmm cocktails.

5 reasons to have a paper bouquet on your wedding day! Check out this origami one too, its pretty gorgeous…gotta love etsy.

I listened to Grace Bonney from Design Sponge’s excellent mp3 on work/life balance on the tram this morning. It is something I am struggling with, as I work full time in a high paced events job, try to get this blog off the ground and create enough jewellery to start my own little online business. There are lots of areas of my life I have to make sacrifices in order to try and fit it all in, and I still don’t get as much done as I would like! It is exciting and I am full of ideas, inititatives and inspiration, but it would be awesome to have more hours in the day.

I also enjoyed the marvellous Danielle LaPorte’s take on the work/life balance scenario too. I love most of what comes out of that awesome woman’s mouth.

I hope your weekend is delightful and full of relaxation and fun! Thank you so much for all the encouraging and truly lovely feedback so far. I have a long way to go and lots of lessons to learn in this confusing blogosphere, but I am so excited to be entering into it.

Sketchy bridal

Check out these beautiful drawings, giving us a look at some of the trends hitting the catwalks for 2013. It is amazing how these sketches portray the ‘feeling’ of the dress so skilfully! They have a lot of personality.

Credits, top to bottom: Anne Barge, Anne Bowen,  Douglas Hannant, Francesca Miranda, Jasmine Bridal, Junko Yoshioka, Maggie Sottero, Rivini, Ines Di Santo, all linked from

So beautiful! My favourites are the Francesca Miranda, Junko Yoshioka and Rivini drawings, and Ines Di Santo gets a look in for the dramatic quality of the sketch – how awesomely haughty does she look!

I hope to spoil you later this week with some more insights into the Spring 2013 trends.