Romancing Monday

Let Maxi Jazz sing to you in his sensual, soft yet super powerful way.

Romance your Monday – pause, breathe, sit and enjoy a cup of herbal tea or a glass of wine, linger over your dinner, chat with one of your favourites and tuck yourself into bed early with a good book. I’ll be doing all of those things, because today is one of those days that goes well from start to finish, with plenty of productivity, a lovely Pilates class and heaps of gratitude. Thank you to those who read A Cast of Two, it makes me happy.


Romancing Monday

Artwork by Castle

Lots of things to look forward to this week – the arrival of my laser cut jewellery pieces, playing with my beautifully coloured new spray paints, and DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! Bring on warm, dreamy summer evenings surrounded by fun people in the park, with lots of fine cheese and tasty wine.

This week, a happy, cool little song from Lykke Li for your listening pleasure.

Romancing Monday

Have a bit of post mini-break blues so today’s Romancing Monday song is quiet, subdued and a little bitter sweet. I always love seeing my Sydney peeps, and it is a time when I give myself no responsibilities, so living in the moment comes more naturally. I do believe that taking each moment as it comes is the key to a happy life, and is something I work on a lot. Unfortunately my over active brain struggles with this zen approach to life, especially when there are so many things to plan, process and organise in most weeks!

What do you do to make yourself feel good/centred/excited/happy? I love hearing about the different techniques people use to get and keep their spirits up… For me it can be as simple as a cup of tea and a chat with a loved one, or as extravagant as booking flights to create an occasion to look forward to.

Here is to not only Romancing Monday, but every day of the week, and adding in something that makes you feel lovely on a daily basis. This week, I am grateful for my family and friends, happy music, beautiful Spring blossoms popping up everywhere, all of my schemes and dreams, lovely Egyptian cotton sheets and my new tangerine manicure.

L xx

Romancing Monday

Stig Lindberg print, available from Etsy

With all the hustle and bustle of my life at the moment, luxury for me means taking the time out for a walk, a movie and a cuppa, cuddle & chat on the couch. In other words, the little things!

Lily expresses this best in her song Chinese, which is just about those nice quiet moments in life – the ones that keep us sane!

Another busy week ahead for me, but I will be basking in some sun streaming in my bedroom windows, working in my big blue armchair and enjoying sampling Mr J’s ever expanding boutique beer collection! Mega treat time at the end of the week, when we fly off to Sydney to indulge in 4 days away, meandering and lunching by the harbour and soaking up the company of some of our favourite people.

Romancing Monday

Ah Melbourne, how you tantalise me…I have forgotten how beautiful you are at the start of spring, with all those secret daffodils popping up, balmy air and sparkly blue sky. I know its just a tease, but I did enjoy today’s kind display of happy Spring weather.

Fittingly, today’s Romancing Monday is a sweet track which I fell in love with in my very early 20s. It was on a mix CD sold to me by a good friend who was working in a record store at the time, and I remember so clearly sitting on the bus home, on a day very much like today, headphones on & loving both the song and life. It is one of those songs that has become part of the fabric of a certain time of my life, with lots of great party times shared with friends.

What songs remind you of happy Summer days full of beer gardens, pools, parks, warm skin, and & the haze of summer drifting?

Romancing Monday

You know how sometimes you have a day where everything just gels? Well, my Monday was one of those days – an amazing start to my week! The sun shone through the blinds this morning, all my trams just seemed to magically arrive as I got to the tram stop and I asked for and was granted a flexible working arrangement by my manager.

This last piece of information was obviously the one which really made my day, as I will now have Mondays (a whole working day of bliss!) to focus on my creative pursuits such as A Cast of Two and my jewellery biz. I feel like this is such an important step for me, and am super happy. It doesn’t start for three months, but when it does it will create a lot more balance and room for creative inspiration for me, as it is hard to get home from my day job and magically switch on the creative part of my brain.

So, with a big smile on my face I give you the Romancing Monday track. James Blake is pretty damn romantic, and in fact my best friend was proposed to at his concert!

I just can’t ignore the Joni Mitchell original either, as she is amazing. James is pretty brave to do a song of hers!

Have a wonderful week, and thank you so much for all the wonderful comments I have had so far – it makes all the hours between this little MacBook screen so very worth it! L x

Romancing Monday

Eek my weekend went so quickly! It was such a whirlwind of fun though…languid birthday lunches, new biker boots, chatting over whiskey sours for another birthday celebration (it was the weekend for them!), snug Winter coats and generally basking in the glow that Sir David Attenborough imparted with his SUPERB show on Friday night. What a man.

This lovely little song takes me back about ten years, to when I was living in Christchurch, young and silly. Delightful song, great for wedding day happiness (and general happiness too!).

Treat your week well 🙂 I am hoping to have a few cosy nights in researching for A Cast of Two and making some jewellery, as gosh the days evaporate so quickly and I am not getting nearly as much done as I would like. My next challenge is to purchase photo shop and start working out how I can create some gorgeous collages for you to feast your eyes on. Love!

Romancing Monday

Pretty smoochy clip for today’s Romancing Monday track!

Spring is in the air in Melbourne – so excited for sunny days ahead, lounging around park styles with cider and cheese.

Hope your weekend had plenty of whatever you love best… Mine was snoozy mornings, coffee with friends, a stop in at a teensy craft market, cocktails at Ferdydurke, jewellery creating and enjoying great chats with the best people! There was even an appearance by a very handsome French bulldog.

See you again very soon!

Romancing Monday

A simple yet super romantic tune today to celebrate Monday, the start of a fun new week! If you can do Mondays right, the rest of the week just falls into place in a lovely way.

Mine has consisted of pilates class, delicious mushroom soup and looking forward to having two of my best friends to stay.  I am about to paint my toenails bright pink, as I always have to have them really bright in Winter, so when I get a glimpse of them it makes me remember that summer will be around the corner any day now!

Here is miss Ellie Goulding covering what I think is one of Elton John’s best songs. I think she does a lovely job of it!

And we can’t forget the man himself, Sir Elton John, performing Your Song live on his first Top of the Pop appearances. What a dude.

Have an awesome week!

Romancing Monday

Every Monday I intend to share one of my favourite, most meaningful, wedding worthy songs with you, to kick off the week with happiness, gratitude and excitement.

Yeah yeah, I know its Tuesday! This blogging thing is new to me, it takes me hours to do a single post so you will have to bear with me.

Today, I welcome Nina Simone to the stage! This was the first dance at my sister’s wedding and has very warm memories for me. Nina is a legend.

The fact that this video clip is super cool is a bonus!

Random fact – this song was used on a Chanel No. 5 advertisement in 1987…