An announcement


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I have been putting off writing this post for  a good couple of days. It is hard for me to say this, but I have decided to finish with A Cast of Two. It seems so soon, but let me explain.

I have realised that the way I have approached my blogging isn’t the right way for me to do things. Ironically, if I think back to my very first post, it may not have been the wisest idea to just start. But I am still very glad I did start, as it has helped me see things clearer, prioritise and learn valuable skills. And have fun feasting my eyes on so much gorgeous imagery!

My jewellery making biz is my main focus right now, and I am loving it so, so much. As someone who did a broadcasting degree and a post grad event management diploma I am thriving by challenging myself creatively and producing lovely things. I have registered the name, have the abn and am working (very) hard on the other facets of starting up a small business. In a couple of months (tops!) I will be out at markets and selling online with a product I am proud of.

I have realised that I need to integrate my blogging and my jewellery business together into one entity, and my new blog will be broader in focus. I love, love, love weddings, the beauty and romance they contain, and my new blog will certainly feature wedding related material. However it will also feature a lot of the other things I am really passionate about.

It will celebrate the ethos of beautifully crafted items, which will bring you a lifetime of happiness through owning them. It will feature gorgeous, unique fashion which catches my eye, and profile some of the incredibly clever, inspiring resources which I stumble across on an almost daily basis. It will give me freedom to share beautiful things with you, designed and created with love and care. I believe that possessions do matter to people, and that it is totally ok that they matter. Your most loved things have meaning, they are tied to you, hold memories and make you happy just to look at them. I am lucky to have people in my life who give incredible gifts. One of my favourite items is a handpainted Kokeshi doll given to me by my sister and one of my great friends Rachel, and it seriously makes me feel full of warmth when I look at it or hold it. It tells a story, and those are the kind of stories I hope to share in my new blog.

Of course, this will also be the platform used to profile my experiences with my own jewellery range, and will be where I can share my creations, and the making process.

I am happy to have made this decision, as I have been burning the candle at both ends way too much recently, and I need some time to refocus. I will be going away and learning more blogging technicals and looking into a blog format with much more flexibility than this current template, and I will teach myself some photoshop and in design skills. Eventually, I will have a cohesive brand with a logo and associated branding which will go across my jewellery and my blogging. In time!

Thank you so very much to all who have read A Cast of Two and to those who have made a special effort to contact me and support me. It has been really, really fun and this is only the start of my blogging life. I am hooked! Although I am feeling a real twinge at saying goodbye to my new project so soon in the piece, I know that this is the right move for me, and am truly bubbling with ideas and excitement for my future blogging project. I can’t wait to tell you all about it in a few weeks.

Leah xx


The Polarising Peplum!

Peplums are absolutely everywhere at the moment and are  definitely a strong presence in bridal trends. I find that some people love them, and some hate them, there isn’t much middle ground. If you aren’t sure what a peplum is (such a funny word!), it is a flare or ruffle at the waist of the jacket, blouse, dress or skirt, which are amazing for defining the waist and can be really structured or softly flowing.

Have a look at some of the many different different styles of peplums gracing wedding dresses at the moment, from romantically lacy to strikingly modern, subtle or very over the top.

Image credits: collage 1 (left to right): Badgley Mischka via Publiboda, Angel Sanchez via Martha Stewart Weddings,  via J’adore Fashion Love, Amsale via Martha Stewart Weddings Collage 2: Noir by Lazaro via Blue Gowns, white gown via  Collage 3: all from Blue Gowns Last photo: via Saphire Event Group

I personally am a fan of this style. Not sure if I would have one on my wedding dress, but check out this amazing top I just bought and can’t wait to wear!

Such a feminine shape, modernised with rad geometric patterns and easily dressed up or down – thanks ASOS, I love you.

Friday Flights of Fancy

Image credit: Typoe’s ‘Confetti Death’ via Visual News

♥ This woman has a SERIOUS case of Bridezilla-itis. Is she for real? “if you think by affordable its going to be a $25 forever 21 dress then your going to the wrong wedding”. Amazing.

Wonderful quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The man is a legend.

Dancers among us is very, very cool – love the reaction of the people in the background in some of these shots!

Biggest tattoo spelling fails – how does this actually happen? Did all of these tattoos happen before the days of smart phones? I don’t understand!

What fashion week really looks like. So funny to see this behind the scenes look, and testimony to how amazing some photographers are!

All very light and fun today – some Friday jollies for you 🙂 Does that sounds rude?

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy a bit of extra sleep and time to dream. Loving the extra light daylight savings is bringing us here in Melbourne, very good for the mood and I seem to get more done when the days are longer. Hope to bring you a couple of posts over the weekend, so check back.

L xx

Creative, unique wedding registry ideas

via Design Aglow

So, maybe you already have full kitchen cupboards at your house, are particular about your personal aesthetic and/or would like to support independent, small businesses and crafty creatives instead of large department stores. Perhaps you would prefer to add to a holiday or home renovation fund, add some quirky experiences to your wedding gift wish list or ask your guests to donate to charity instead of a more traditional registry option.

I have done some work hunting out some really unique gift registries for the couple who don’t necessarily want to spend the day in a department store with a scanner!

♦ Check out this couple’s wedding registry – Diptyque candles, Japanese washi paper tape or a Diana instant camera yes PLEASE!  After their wedding they created their own wedding registry website called Mercy Registry, where you can add anything, from any shop. That is too good.

Not sure I could go past an Etsy wedding registry – I hope to be selling on there myself in the next couple of months and think it would be the bestest to be able to sell my jewellery for someone to gift a bride!

♦ From the Owl is a gorgeous, special wedding registry which I could pore over for a long time. I want everything! You can even get a Doppio bike (check this one out – yum!)

Honeyfund is a great registry for couples wanting to travel. The thing I love about this is that you can actually select certain experiences in the place you are honeymooning/travelling to and ask people to gift those.

♦ If you have everything your heart desires and want to ask guests to donate to charity, Karma Currency and Oxfam Unwrapped are excellent choices.

I also found a couple of quite designer focused Australian wedding registries – try the Wedding List Co for some more mainstream brands (Kate Spade, Marimekko, Florence Broadhurst among many many others) or the Melbourne Wedding Registry for classy, hi-tech kitchen and home appliances.

Don’t forget to take pictures of you both using and experiencing the lovely pressies and send to the person who gifted – such a nice touch!

Romancing Monday

Let Maxi Jazz sing to you in his sensual, soft yet super powerful way.

Romance your Monday – pause, breathe, sit and enjoy a cup of herbal tea or a glass of wine, linger over your dinner, chat with one of your favourites and tuck yourself into bed early with a good book. I’ll be doing all of those things, because today is one of those days that goes well from start to finish, with plenty of productivity, a lovely Pilates class and heaps of gratitude. Thank you to those who read A Cast of Two, it makes me happy.

Friday Flights of Fancy

Photo credit: The Gingham Owl on Etsy

Its so bad that when I type ‘Friday Flights of Fancy’ I have Rebecca whats her face singing in my head. I’m not going to quote the lyrics as I don’t want you to have the dreaded song in your head – oh whoops, is it too late? Sorry about that! 🙂

Got to love a bit of travel porn!

♥ The internet is a weird, strange place isn’t it? You fell asleep watching a DVD. I mean, what??

♥ If you are in Melbourne, check out one of the many food trucks around the city this weekend. Yum!

♥ Fancy a cosy weekend watching good shows on the couch? Here is a list of ten awesome documentaries.

♥ It just goes to show that you do not need fancy props and full on staged poses for your engagement shoot. Matt and Nathan prove that all you need is a shit hot photographer and plenty of love.

The best 100 opening lines from books.

♥ A crazy Zombie wedding ceremony. Whoah!

Have a happy weekend! L xx

Beverages and blooms

via Oh the Lovely Things 

How could you not love this magical combination – effervescent, candy coloured tipples flirting with the jewel colours of ranunculus, poppies, peonies and roses.

Photo credits: top flowers by Natalie of nbarrett photography via Ruffled, jug of cocktail by Annabella Charles via Wedding Chicks, middle flowers by Mint & Sage via Fiore Fresco, jars by Katie Quinn Davies via What Katie Ate

Photo credits: clockwise from top left – 1: Mowie Kay via Everything Fab, 2:  Matt Miller via Ruffled, 3: A Cup of Mai, 4: Taylor Lord via Ruffled

Photo credits: top via Kate Spade NY, bottom right LCBO, bottom left Pepper of Peppernix Photography  via Ella Bella

Oh gosh, so much pink! I think I have a problem.

Of course, I am not going to tease you with these lusciously concocted drinks and not provide you with some recipes!

Apple, ginger & cranberry vodka cocktail {mason jars in wooden tray}

1 cup cloudy apple juice
1 cup cranberry juice
50 ml vodka
Ginger ale

Place apple juice, cranberry juice and vodka into the jug of an electric blender & whisk until light pink & frothy. Pour into a serving jug, top with one cup of ginger ale and a good handful of ice.

Raspberry beer cocktail {jar with straw}

1 cup of fresh or frozen raspberries
4 bottles of corona (12oz) beer, chilled
1 container frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate, thawed or pink lemonade (**Leah’s note – I would make home made lemonade rather than use concentrate, but that would make an easy option)
1/2 cup good quality vodka
Garnish: lemon slices, or raspberries

In a large container stir together the beer, lemonade or lemonade concentrate and vodka. Serve over ice and garnish with raspberries.

And because not everyone partakes in alcoholic beverages, here is the recipe for the pink passion lemonade, the light pink drink served in glasses on the tray above. Actually, I reckon this would be amazing as the base for the raspberry beer cocktail recipe instead of the concentrate. Just my two cents!

Pink Passion Lemonade

4 lemons, juice only
4 passion fruit, juice only
3 cups water
3/4 unrefined sugar
2-3 drops natural pink food colouring

Mix together and serve with ice.

Any of the drinks above would be awesome with a popsicle dunked in it too, just perfect for a summer wedding! Yum. Can you tell it was 30 degrees here in Melbourne today? I’m amped.

via Lauryn Galloway

Romancing Monday

Artwork by Castle

Lots of things to look forward to this week – the arrival of my laser cut jewellery pieces, playing with my beautifully coloured new spray paints, and DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! Bring on warm, dreamy summer evenings surrounded by fun people in the park, with lots of fine cheese and tasty wine.

This week, a happy, cool little song from Lykke Li for your listening pleasure.

Playing the blushing bride over on A Little Rouge

Photo credit: Craig Pearce of Urban Cartel 

Recently, my very talented friend Jemma asked me over to her delightful cottage/villa, fed me delicious home made lemonade and made me up for her portfolio, which was super fun. Because I write A Cast of Two, she created a natural, glowy bridal look – I was amazed at her skill and patience, and the result was really rather pretty!

Jump over to her blog A Little Rouge to check out the results and admire her work, and grab some clever, practical and fun make up tips while you are at it. I love the way Jem uses such inventive methods to achieve the desired effect, and is great at reminding us all that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get amazing beauty products.

Thanks Jemma! I spent the rest of the day feeling very glamorous.

Friday Flights of Fancy

Photo credit: Kelley Ash. Phoenix Rising by Alexandra Valenti. Styling by Rachel Hunt of Sisters of the Black Moon. Make up by Jacqueline Fernandez. Hair by Lati Domi. Jewellery by Leslie Crow. Cropped scarf blouse by Tracy Conti McCarty of Prism Of Threads. Assistance by Alicin Ciscernos.

Hello from stormy, rainy Melbourne!

♥ I would like to be checking out any of these amazing swimming pools right now. This weather feels more suited to a bath – any of these would do me just fine! I have a bit of a thing about luxurious bath tubs.

♥ Some really cool nail art ideas happening here!

♥ These are some of the best wedding photos I have seen in a while. I adore the beautiful juxtaposition of the traditional Indian elements with the gritty urban style photography as you scroll down the page.

Incredibly beautiful and poignant images from the National Geographic photo contest 2012.

Wherever you are, have a wonderful weekend! Mine will be restful and laidback, spent relishing the company of my loved ones and enjoying some simple pleasures, and certainly hoping to throw in a luxurious nap or two here or there!

L xx