My name is Leah McGregor, and I am a New Zealander living in the beautiful and vibrant city of Melbourne. I love film, yoga, fashion, design and music and am close to launching my own jewellery line (watch this space!). I am fascinated with entrepreneurship and start up culture, and grateful for red wine, pyjamas, fuchsia lipstick, green tea and all of the inspirational and creative people and resources that surround me.

A Cast of Two is about sharing my love of beautiful, fun and creative weddings, and all the exciting & unique ways couples choose to get married, as well as the myriad of things that are taken into consideration before day itself.

I have named this blog A Cast of Two because even though there are many people helping plan and execute your wedding, and you will be surrounded by loved ones on the day itself, your wedding is about you and your partner – A Cast of Two, celebrating your love for each other and the marriage you are embarking on.

Important disclaimer:

Any text, images or video featured here are attributed to the best of my ability. I use link with love to help me be ethical with my image usage, and always do my best to go to the orginal source and credit appropriately. If your work is uncredited, or credited incorrectly, contact me so I can rectify that. If you would prefer for it not to be featured at all, let me know and I will promptly remove it.

♥ {{ The current A Cast of Two artwork is created by my talented sister Madeline McGregor – thank you. }}  ♥


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