Romancing Monday

Let Maxi Jazz sing to you in his sensual, soft yet super powerful way.

Romance your Monday – pause, breathe, sit and enjoy a cup of herbal tea or a glass of wine, linger over your dinner, chat with one of your favourites and tuck yourself into bed early with a good book. I’ll be doing all of those things, because today is one of those days that goes well from start to finish, with plenty of productivity, a lovely Pilates class and heaps of gratitude. Thank you to those who read A Cast of Two, it makes me happy.


Romancing Monday

Artwork by Castle

Lots of things to look forward to this week – the arrival of my laser cut jewellery pieces, playing with my beautifully coloured new spray paints, and DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! Bring on warm, dreamy summer evenings surrounded by fun people in the park, with lots of fine cheese and tasty wine.

This week, a happy, cool little song from Lykke Li for your listening pleasure.

Romancing Monday

Stig Lindberg print, available from Etsy

With all the hustle and bustle of my life at the moment, luxury for me means taking the time out for a walk, a movie and a cuppa, cuddle & chat on the couch. In other words, the little things!

Lily expresses this best in her song Chinese, which is just about those nice quiet moments in life – the ones that keep us sane!

Another busy week ahead for me, but I will be basking in some sun streaming in my bedroom windows, working in my big blue armchair and enjoying sampling Mr J’s ever expanding boutique beer collection! Mega treat time at the end of the week, when we fly off to Sydney to indulge in 4 days away, meandering and lunching by the harbour and soaking up the company of some of our favourite people.