Romancing Monday

You know how sometimes you have a day where everything just gels? Well, my Monday was one of those days – an amazing start to my week! The sun shone through the blinds this morning, all my trams just seemed to magically arrive as I got to the tram stop and I asked for and was granted a flexible working arrangement by my manager.

This last piece of information was obviously the one which really made my day, as I will now have Mondays (a whole working day of bliss!) to focus on my creative pursuits such as A Cast of Two and my jewellery biz. I feel like this is such an important step for me, and am super happy. It doesn’t start for three months, but when it does it will create a lot more balance and room for creative inspiration for me, as it is hard to get home from my day job and magically switch on the creative part of my brain.

So, with a big smile on my face I give you the Romancing Monday track. James Blake is pretty damn romantic, and in fact my best friend was proposed to at his concert!

I just can’t ignore the Joni Mitchell original either, as she is amazing. James is pretty brave to do a song of hers!

Have a wonderful week, and thank you so much for all the wonderful comments I have had so far – it makes all the hours between this little MacBook screen so very worth it! L x