Romancing Monday

Eek my weekend went so quickly! It was such a whirlwind of fun though…languid birthday lunches, new biker boots, chatting over whiskey sours for another birthday celebration (it was the weekend for them!), snug Winter coats and generally basking in the glow that Sir David Attenborough imparted with his SUPERB show on Friday night. What a man.

This lovely little song takes me back about ten years, to when I was living in Christchurch, young and silly. Delightful song, great for wedding day happiness (and general happiness too!).

Treat your week well 🙂 I am hoping to have a few cosy nights in researching for A Cast of Two and making some jewellery, as gosh the days evaporate so quickly and I am not getting nearly as much done as I would like. My next challenge is to purchase photo shop and start working out how I can create some gorgeous collages for you to feast your eyes on. Love!