Friday Flights of Fancy

Psychedelic fantasy by Joe Charley

Oooh lala, its that Friday kind of feeling…

♥ I am having heart palpitations over Audrey Kawasaki’s new paintings. One day I WILL own an original, I will, I will!

♥ In the late 19th and early 20th century some artists depicted what our world would look like in 2000. Check out the amusing results!

♥ Today marks 15 years since Princess Di died. What were you doing on that day? I still remember being at my friends house, and we had tried very unsuccessfully to wax my armpits. (There may have been blood). I was 15, and pretty unfazed by the whole thing, but thinking of Princes William and Harry walking behind her coffin still makes a tear spring to my eye.

♥ Speaking of tears, I ran a film screening last night of Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, which is a must watch, especially for those living in Australia. It is such a topical, powerful and moving film, and I for one am really keen to be part of a movement which demands more from its leaders, who play on racial fear to get votes.

♥ On a lighter note – celebrities reading mean tweets is gold

♥ What about the Charlotte Dawson twitter issue? The internet can be a scary place sometimes! I agree with the sentiment of not saying anything to someone online that you would not say to them in person.

♥ What, no wedding related links? What am I thinking! Harking back to my Great Gatsby wedding post last week, check out this 1920s wedding over on Rock n Roll bride. Unbelievably authentic!

♥ Some crazy kids hooked up an ipod to a squid and the electrical impulses caused colour changes on the squid’s skin. This blows my mind! Sheeeet, two flash backs to being 15 in one post!

I’m about to pour myself a cheeky pinot and enjoy a movie date with my boy. Tomorrow I am doing a visual merchandising short course which will help me to set up beautiful market stores and settings for the online store I hope to have up and running in the next couple of months. Throw in a Mad Men party, a call to my mum and a 21 degree sunny Sunday (hey, this is Melbourne ok, we take what we can get!) and I am a happy camper this weekend.

Have a good one sweethearts. L x