Guest books with a twist

A lovely colleague of mine was chatting to me yesterday about how she wants something different to the standard guest book for her wedding, and how overwhelmed she is with it all. The little light switched on in my brain – ooh I know of some amazing ideas, and so I thought I would get some of my faves together. The best type of project!


There is a great article on polaroid guest books over at Emmaline Bride

A tree or branch with note cards

Wall decor

** this is my favourite as there is a lot of scope for creativity. You could use squares of special fabric (sari or kimono fabric would be amazing and it is easy to find off cuts which would be ideal), or cut out designs in any shape you want – colourful, bold flowers, pretty pastel geometric shapes…


Jenga or puzzle pieces

Same idea as the wall decor above – you could create silhouettes of your bride/groom and you and have guests write on them in pretty metallic pen & hang them on a board or wall. After, you can display them in your home or in a book or album. So elegant!


This is a great idea as you can have it at the back of your wedding album, keeping all of the awesome memories together. You can match the envelopes to your colour scheme, if you have one, otherwise go with your favourite colours.


Ask guests to type out messages on pretty coloured paper and then roll it into a scroll for display in your home. Not for perfectionists!!

Aaaah somebody stop me! There are so many cool ideas. Other options which I couldn’t find photos for are rolled up notes in a bottle (you could even incorporate this into your table centrepieces, so guests can doodle after eating (or if there is a particularly boring speech!). Then they can roll them up with pretty string or seal it with a sticker and pop it in a sweet little jar or bowl.

If you are going on honeymoon straight away, guests could fill in post cards, complete with stamps, and a friend could send them to you, so when you get back your mail box is bulging with love and beautiful memories of your wedding day. You could also have a sentimental piece of clothing signed as well – even your veil if you are planning on taking it off during the reception!

As with anything you are thinking about for your wedding, you have a lot of rein to go creatively crazy and craft to your hearts content, but there are lots of beautiful and more traditional options too.

This Martha Stewart Weddings photo gallery has lots of beautiful options which are easy and practical to pull together.

Don’t forget to think about an attractive area to set up your guest book…but that’s for another post.

Photography credits: polaroids via Emmaline Bride, branch via My DIY Wedding, wall decor via Design Sponge, silhouette via The Nester, Jenga via Oh Lovely Day (photos by Jennifer Roper), puzzle via Etsy, envelopes via Martha Stewart Weddings, typewriter via Martha Stewart Weddings