A Great Gatsby Wedding

I know, I know…Great Gatsby themed weddings are being done to death at the moment. But with the book being one of my all time faves, and the film due to be released on Christmas Day, I really just can’t help myself! I adore art deco styling and think it would be the period I would choose to land in, should a time machine make itself magically available.

The 1920s truly were a remarkable and fascinating period, and the story of Jay, Nick, Daisy and their assorted hangers on is not only captivatingly well written and clever, it is a truly intriguing story with many different layers.

The book aside though, the 1920s produced some stunning fashion and architecture, as well as some unfortunate fascist ideologies. For the sake of beauty and love of weddings, lets focus on the fashion, jewellery and stylings of the time!

Photography credits: Girl in mirror via Le Luxe Clothingclose up of chandelier, via Louisville Wedding Blog,  1920s style hanging dresses via Cotton Candy Sugar Rush

And lets not forget this modern image of 1920s inspired glory – the great Kate Moss herself! Kate wanted her wedding to be “rock n roll Great Gatsby”, with “everything kind of dreamy and soft focus”. In fact, Jamie Hince tracked Kate down a ring that was the exact replica of Zelda Fitzgerald’s (author F. Scott Fitzgerald’s troubled wife).”

Photo credits: Kate getting out of car and champagne saucers via Fashionista, Kate close up, Kate & Jamie via Vogue Australia, Flowing veil

The detailing on that dress is obscenely pretty – ah John Galliano, such beautiful work! Pity you had to go and disgrace yourself so embarrassingly last year! The designer has said that designing Kate Moss’ dress was “creative rehab” after his actual experience in rehab. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really make me like him more after his ‘incident’.  On that – did you see that he has been stripped of his Legion of Honour award? Embarrassing!

Don’t even get me started on the shoes! So perfect with her dress. Apparently Manolo Blahnik had to remake the shoes 5 times for Kate before she was happy. Ahem.

Manolo Blahniks for Kate Moss

Should you want to add a dash of roaring twenties panache to your wedding day, here are some ideas for how you could do so:

  • Have small bottles of contraband style alcohol bottles as favours or on the tables
  • Wear a bedazzled headpiece or hair comb, carry a feather fan or if you are having a wedding in the cooler months, don some cute little gloves. Guys could go for braces,  a fob watch or a jaunty Fedora.
  • Go to your wedding in an old school Ford, Buick or if you really want to push the boat out, a Rolls Royce.

Photo credits: champagne saucers via Modern Luxury, kisses in the car via Tressugar, headband via Art Deco Weddings and braces via Slice of Shaks

I will leave you with some tutorials for 1920s hair and make up inspiration! Now, pass my crimson lippie…