Friday Flights of Fancy

Photo credit: The Gingham Owl on Etsy

Its so bad that when I type ‘Friday Flights of Fancy’ I have Rebecca whats her face singing in my head. I’m not going to quote the lyrics as I don’t want you to have the dreaded song in your head – oh whoops, is it too late? Sorry about that! 🙂

Got to love a bit of travel porn!

♥ The internet is a weird, strange place isn’t it? You fell asleep watching a DVD. I mean, what??

♥ If you are in Melbourne, check out one of the many food trucks around the city this weekend. Yum!

♥ Fancy a cosy weekend watching good shows on the couch? Here is a list of ten awesome documentaries.

♥ It just goes to show that you do not need fancy props and full on staged poses for your engagement shoot. Matt and Nathan prove that all you need is a shit hot photographer and plenty of love.

The best 100 opening lines from books.

♥ A crazy Zombie wedding ceremony. Whoah!

Have a happy weekend! L xx


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