Friday Flights of Fancy

Photo credit: Kelley Ash. Phoenix Rising by Alexandra Valenti. Styling by Rachel Hunt of Sisters of the Black Moon. Make up by Jacqueline Fernandez. Hair by Lati Domi. Jewellery by Leslie Crow. Cropped scarf blouse by Tracy Conti McCarty of Prism Of Threads. Assistance by Alicin Ciscernos.

Hello from stormy, rainy Melbourne!

♥ I would like to be checking out any of these amazing swimming pools right now. This weather feels more suited to a bath – any of these would do me just fine! I have a bit of a thing about luxurious bath tubs.

♥ Some really cool nail art ideas happening here!

♥ These are some of the best wedding photos I have seen in a while. I adore the beautiful juxtaposition of the traditional Indian elements with the gritty urban style photography as you scroll down the page.

Incredibly beautiful and poignant images from the National Geographic photo contest 2012.

Wherever you are, have a wonderful weekend! Mine will be restful and laidback, spent relishing the company of my loved ones and enjoying some simple pleasures, and certainly hoping to throw in a luxurious nap or two here or there!

L xx


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