Friday Flights of Fancy

Photo credit: Melbourne street art by the Euskadi 11

So many great Friday links today – enjoy!

♥ I love a good list! Time make some of the best around. Here is their 50 best websites of 2012

♥ Did you know that the smily icon you use denotes your age? I am totally showing my age – I’m all about the nose! #leahdinosaur I just had to add in that hash tag to show that a) I understand the function and b) to be funny about the fact that at 30 I am still able to make a joke about being old…ok I’m done, promise! #cringe

♥ Tim Ferriss may be a bit of a maniac, but I am very excited to see the results of this study on nutrition and ending fad diets once and for all

♥ XOXO Conference blows me away – might just have to coincide any future trips to the states with this event! This run down from Jason of Kottke only makes me more envious of anyone who was able to attend.

♥ I adore Seth Godinthe difference between congratulations and well deserved is very distinct!

♥ I am so excited for season 2 of Girls! The first taster/teaser has been released, and oh god I can’t wait. If you haven’t watched the first season of girls, you MUST get right on that!

Have a fun weekend everyone. I am keeping it chilled and plan to drink a lot of tea. On Sunday I am off to get made up by the super talented Jemma, (who seriously knows all there is to know about make up) which I am very excited about. Her fledgling blog A Little Rouge is destined for big things!

L xx


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