Romancing Monday

Have a bit of post mini-break blues so today’s Romancing Monday song is quiet, subdued and a little bitter sweet. I always love seeing my Sydney peeps, and it is a time when I give myself no responsibilities, so living in the moment comes more naturally. I do believe that taking each moment as it comes is the key to a happy life, and is something I work on a lot. Unfortunately my over active brain struggles with this zen approach to life, especially when there are so many things to plan, process and organise in most weeks!

What do you do to make yourself feel good/centred/excited/happy? I love hearing about the different techniques people use to get and keep their spirits up… For me it can be as simple as a cup of tea and a chat with a loved one, or as extravagant as booking flights to create an occasion to look forward to.

Here is to not only Romancing Monday, but every day of the week, and adding in something that makes you feel lovely on a daily basis. This week, I am grateful for my family and friends, happy music, beautiful Spring blossoms popping up everywhere, all of my schemes and dreams, lovely Egyptian cotton sheets and my new tangerine manicure.

L xx


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