Friday Flights of Fancy

Apologies for the sparse posts this week – I am in Sydney and the sun is shining so brightly I just want to be out and about! Check out my view at lunch today – incredibly cool.

♥ They found a new kind of monkey in the Congo! It’s eyes are amazingly human.

♥ This article on adopting zen practices at work is so good, and definitely contains advice I need to draw on more often.

♥ Tips for buying a wedding dress online

♥ Artist Ulric Collette has created the second part of his series of portraits of the genetic similarities of the members of his family – very interesting and kinda creepy all at once!

♥ I am so excited that the ladies of the One Fine Day wedding fair have announced the second event on the first weekend of February 2013! The ladies who run this show are incredibly talented and I am definitely going to do my best to get to Sydney for this. For anyone who wants gorgeously original, exciting and unique ideas for a down to earth and expressive wedding day, this fair is a must visit.

So beautiful! At the inaugural One Fine Day fair earlier this year there was a swing dancing display, food and cake tastings and a beautiful real life proposal… Can’t wait to immerse myself in all that loveliness.

Thanks to Jess from Silk Truffle Photography for the use of her delightful images.

Have a fantastic weekend wherever you are, enjoying the pleasures that the weekend has to offer. I’m off to eat Mexican, visit the Paddington market and head to see Kenny Larkin dj at The Spice Cellar…and making the most of the Sydney sun of course! L x


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