Friday Flights of Fancy

A quick FFF today, for a couple of reasons – firstly, I have an exciting night out tonight, and secondly I have been so busy this week that I have not been able to browse the net and discover any exciting stories/snippets/general internet goodness. Work has kicked my bum reaaaal good!

♥ My New Years Day is sorted – how incredibly exciting does this day sound! Let them eat cake is a journey into musical decadence, garden party opulence and culinary excess… Um that sounds like EXACTLY how I want to welcome in the New Year!

♥ Chanel’s Bollywood collection is absolutely gorgeous.

♥ I want Roald Dahl mugs!

♥ An oldie but a goodie – This is Glamorous’ take on iPhone photography and great photo apps. If you have seen the photography on that blog, you’ll know the advice is worth taking

♥ This dramatic reading of LMAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know It’ is just too, too good! Wiggle wiggle wiggle…

Right, I am about to go make myself a watermelon lemonade and add a splash of vodka 🙂

We are off to see Steffi tonight – what you got for us lady?

That actually ended up more substantial than I thought! Have a fantastic Friday night xx


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