Romancing Monday

Ah Melbourne, how you tantalise me…I have forgotten how beautiful you are at the start of spring, with all those secret daffodils popping up, balmy air and sparkly blue sky. I know its just a tease, but I did enjoy today’s kind display of happy Spring weather.

Fittingly, today’s Romancing Monday is a sweet track which I fell in love with in my very early 20s. It was on a mix CD sold to me by a good friend who was working in a record store at the time, and I remember so clearly sitting on the bus home, on a day very much like today, headphones on & loving both the song and life. It is one of those songs that has become part of the fabric of a certain time of my life, with lots of great party times shared with friends.

What songs remind you of happy Summer days full of beer gardens, pools, parks, warm skin, and & the haze of summer drifting?


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