Friday Flights of Fancy

From imgfave

♥ Such an important sentiment to carry along in your heart as you start a new creative project. It is hard, and there are often times when you feel vulnerable. Whenever I feel that way though, I think of Brene Brown’s TED talk and it helps me to remember that what makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful. Yay!

♥ I’d be keen to get married in my backyard if it looked like this too! Lovely.

♥ I enjoyed this article called ‘Why is everyone on the internet so angry?’. I am always amazed at the venom and vitriol that is spat out in forums and comment streams about some very trivial stuff. “Communication, the scholars say, is really about taking someone else’s perspective, understanding it, and responding”.

♥ In saying that, there is only so far understanding and compassion can take you in some situations! Like anything to do with Chris Brown. Chloe Papas’ album review of his latest “catastrophic cluster*ck of an album” is just plain awesome. This article by Clementine Ford raises many valid points too!

♥ This music festival style wedding makes my heart sing!

♥ I can’t choose between Jasmine or Pocahontas!

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope to have at least two hot alcoholic beverages – its freeeeezing! I am tossing up between hot toddies or mulled wine… mmmmmm.

Hope all is good in your world!


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