Friday Flights of Fancy

Salvador Dali ‘Person at the Window’ via

♥ I am absolutely loving this idea – cheese wedding cake YES PLEASE!!

♥ Gorman is my favourite Australian label and their new range is very cool! It doesn’t appear that all their new stuff is online yet, but I have had a perve at their S/S 2012 look book and the prints are insane.

♥ I’ve been following the whole xo jane/Gala Darling/Cat Marnell situation with voyeuristic interest… Long story short, Cat Marnell got fired from extremely popular female focused website xo jane not for her excessive drug use (not because she was basically gobbling everything that came her way the entire time she was not-so-gainfully employed there) but because it finally got in the way of her ability to post regularly. From what I read she had a mini break down, locked herself away in her room for a week with the blinds down and didn’t contact anyone. Basically, girl is a hot mess and needs to be locked into rehab, but she has leagues of followers because her writing is so raw, honest and funny. (Side note – fittingly, she writes for Vice now). Enter Gala, the pink glitter, candy floss, radical self love promoter of fame, and new beauty & style editor on xo jane. Sheeeeez, seriously you should read some of the stuff going down around this decision. Or maybe don’t, or you will waste half a day reading up on Cat, getting side tracked by her crazy beauty articles and then getting sucked in to reading the comments etc etc etc… and that is before you have even got your head around the Gala darling issue.

SO, because Friday Flights of Fancy is supposed to be short and tantalising, I summarise: Cat’s fans don’t like Gala. They think what she represents is fake, materialistic and patronising. Insert a faux pas with an Indian head dress and you have got some nasty ol’ vitriol being flung at Gala. Gala has written this in response to the hundreds and hundreds of almost totally negative comments about her first post on xojane. Cards well played.

♥ My stance? Although my feelings about Gala have changed slightly over the last year or so as she continues to display more materialistic content, I like what she represents and respect her entrepreneurial spirit, business nous and blogging savvy. She reckons she makes over $100,000 per year from her blog and the off shoot activities it lands her. She is super, super famous in the blogosphere. She certainly doesn’t deserve the treatment she has received in her new role, and I respect her way of dealing with it. Enough said! Blogosphere scandal 101 right there!

♥ Haha! Yelp reviews by famous actors one & two

♥ Bikinis matching book covers. Who thinks of this stuff? So cool.

♥ What do you think of the Life of Pi trailer? I loved the book so am keen to see if the movie lives up to expectations. Not as excited as I am about the Great Gatsby film coming out on Christmas Day though!

♥ Ralph is definitely my favourite Simpsons character!

Its been a big week! I am loving sitting in my nana armchair and being home. Brunch with some of my girls tomorrow, wedding planning with my bestie (for her – more on that to come!) and lots of jewellery making and creativity on the cards for me. Bliss! Right now I’m off to eat some nachos. Oh yeah Friday night.


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