Friday flights of fancy

Things that make Friday even better!

Amazing pic of Madonna and party crew by Dave LaChappelle

♥ I am wearing Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick a lot at the moment. The colours are amazing and the formula is long lasting and smooth. My fave is shade no. 22, a hot pink, and I love the full on red no. 22 as well. I apply it with a lip brush and it stays on for hours. Of course, there is no doubt of the marketing pulling power Miss Moss has! Rimmel don’t test on animals either.

♥ These are my kind of chairs!

♥ Really into Lana Del Rey at the moment… Radio is my favourite song on the album, its on repeat.

♥ Louise Schwartzberg’s Ted Talk on Gratitude using time-lapse photography is really awesome. It is moving but not overly cheesy. Also, how funny is the wee girl picking her nose mid spiel!

♥ Hilarious yoga/acrobatic engagement shoot.

Have a fun and relaxing weekend doing the things you love most! I’m heading out to a friend’s birthday dinner tonight, followed by a gig. I plan to  plan to some time finessing this new blog baby of mine too.


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