Wedding day colour

I love the idea of a dash of colour on a wedding day, and think it adds personality and fun to the event. There are lots of different ways you can incorporate colour of course, and I have included some of my favourites below.

Colourful parasols

There is something very sweet about parasols, and they are a a great way for avoiding the burn on a sunny day as well.

How happy! Photo from Katie Day Photography.

If your wedding isn’t during the Summer months, and you want to add a bit of colour to your decor, you can hang them from the roof too. You can pick them up quite cheaply online, and they definitely deliver impact.


One of the most common ways to add some colour to your outfit, and always a cool look, is to have a pair of sexy, colourful shoes which make an appearance to those lucky enough to notice. Of course, if you have a short dress you can show them off for the world to see!

Green, fuchsia and teal shoes


I love unusual head wear in general, and it can also be a really nice alternative to a veil, should you want a less traditional look. Who can forget SJP’s plumage from the Sex and the City movie? Lets ignore the beating Big over the head with the bouquet bit though and focus on the Vivienne Westwood. Ha. The picture of the blue peacock headband is me at my friend Kate’s wedding, and it belongs to my sister. I love it, and have worn it as a bridesmaid twice!

If you want to go all out you could always die your hair a bright shade – but that takes some serious bravery!

Photo credits clockwise 1 & 2 


When my sister got married she had a gorgeous laced trimmed sage green sash on her 50s style wedding dress, and I love the duck egg blue on the dress below too. Side note – how cool are the pockets! That simple dress is doing it for me. A colourful sash pops against a white fabric, and adds a lot of visual intrigue to a wedding outfit.

Photo credit

For the guys

A bow-tie

Bow-ties can be a bit fun, especially if you don’t want to take things/yourself too seriously. More muted tones can looks so classy, and a bright pop of vivid colour is pretty striking.

If you want to embrace cutesie, you can always match your bow-tie or tie to the colours you are incorporating into your own outfit.

Pink, green


Oh yip I love this! So cheeky. Always a big fan of the nerdiness of Argyle print, and again you can match the colours to the lady outfit if you like the cheese factor.

Clockwise 1, 2, 3

Would you be brave enough to go the whole hog and have a colourful dress? You could go all out with a bright, block colour or have a peek sneaking through here and there. I love it!

This emerald green dress is a little reminiscent of ‘that Atonement dress’ which Keira Knightley wore…One of the most famous dresses of the decade so far I think!

Photo credits: Orange dress by Christine Pobke, via A Cup of Jo, Cream and red by Wai-Ching, Emerald Green dress photo by Susan Dean, via A Cup of Jo

The possibilities for injecting colour into your wedding are endless if you use your imagination! Balloons, ribbons around trees, a brightly iced cake, centre pieces, wedding vehicles and so on and so on. Colour is a lovely way to express your personality and leave a lasting memory imprinted on the minds of the people on the day. Also, your photos will be incredible!

Of course, don’t forget a colourful bouquet – beautiful!

Photo Credit


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