Making ideas into real things!

Photo by Neal

Welcome to A Cast of Two!

I have just read an article which I think will allow me to launch into starting my blog, after putting it off for far too long. The term ‘allow’ is probably a strange one to use in this context, as you would think that I am allowed to start a blog whenever I want, right?

The thing stopping me, is of course, fear. Isn’t that always the thing that stops us from doing something we want to do?

Skellie poses the question “have you ever spent so much time trying to do things like the experts do, to get everything right, that you found you ended up achieving nothing at all?”, and for me, the answer is yes – a resounding yes. I am constantly dreaming and planning, and am brimming with creativity and ideas, but I let my perfectionism and my fear get in the way.

So instead of spending hours upon hours researching and studying blogging technicals such as creating a super attractive blog, ways to generate traffic, monetising, and so on, I am going to challenge myself and jump right on in. I will figure out as I go!

Recently, it became clear to me that skills I have and take for granted, are helpful to others. I am super (almost freakishly) organised, love a good list, and can work with all the small details without losing sight of the bigger picture. I feel that this is a space where I can have an outlet for my passion for creative, quirky, unique and fun weddings. That will be the focus of A Cast of Two. Also, I love scouring the internet for beautiful imagery, gorgeous fashion, information on awesome, inspiring and intelligent people, and cool art and design. A mish mash of things that make me, and hopefully you, happy!

Thanks for joining me on this project!

I leave my first ever blog post (eek, exciting words!) with a message from one of my favourite lady entrepreneurs and general powerhouse Danielle LaPorte. She nails it. Here is to the excitement, hope, challenge, fun and rewards I hope blogging will bring!

The biggest threat to your creativity…
… is the fear that it’s already been done, said, created.
(So why bother?)
Say it, do it, make it anyway —
but tell YOUR story along the way.
The story of how you came to know what you know.
The story of what you want to know more of.
The story of why you do what you do.
The story of how you came to care.
And that’s how you create what’s never been created before.


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